Arete Inspired, PLLC is an architecture firm focused on the craft alcohol industry and provides architectural design and consulting services. Craft brewing, distilling, malting and cider manufacturing is a growing industry that requires an intense amount of energy to produce the end product. A knowledge of processes and quality control measures that affect the outcome of the end product is essential in being able to create architecture that integrates the client’s equipment, manufacturing processes and their customer's experience. Architecture that supports these processes contribute to providing a quality product and efficiency in manufacturing production. Services include master planning your growth, as well as, creating a unique customer experience for your customers that not only supports your facility as a destination, it helps educate your customers on the craft manufacturing process and presents an opportunity to deliver your products directly to your consumers and offer them a unique experience.  



Matt Brooksmith is the principal architect of Arete Inspired, PLLC based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Matt is a 1998 graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. While in college Matt worked as a carpenter and found that he had two loves, architecture and construction. This dual love has steered Matt's 18-year career in design/build by integrating the design and construction processes together, creating better built designs through a working knowledge of constructability. In 2016 Matt started Arete Inspired, PLLC, an architecture and consulting firm with a specialty in the craft alcohol industry. In 2008 Matt had the opportunity to work on his first craft brewery project at New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado. The project, a fermentation cellar expansion, would lead to seven years of infrastructure projects at their Ft. Collins plant. These projects were as diverse as working on wastewater treatment projects to expanding the packaging hall for the craft beer canning craze. In 2014 Matt designed the headquarters for Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kansas by taking a 56,000 square foot Verizon call center and converting it to a regional craft brewing production facility that produced 21,800 barrels of craft beer in its first year of operation. Not all of Matt’s experience is on the scale of regional craft breweries, in 2014 Matt helped Goldspot brewing get their doors open with a seven-barrel brewing system serving the Regis University neighborhood of Denver. In 2015 he helped C-Squared Ciders open their production facility in the River North Arts District of Denver. Arete Inspired is ready to help you create your craft alcohol dreams, whether you are a craft brewer, craft distiller, craft cider maker, or a craft maltster, Matt has a working knowledge of your processes and quality assurances and understands how to bring the house together with your equipment and integrate your customers in the middle to create an experience that will help you build your brand loyalty.